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Jian Ling, member of the Standing Committee and deputy head of Shangyu District, and his party investigated Shangyu NHU

Time:2021-06-10 16:09:26     Author:Admin

On the afternoon of June 4, JIan Ling , member of the Standing Committee of Shangyu District and Deputy District Mayor, investigated Shangyu Xinhecheng, and teacher Guiyang Zhou , General Manager of Shangyu Base, and teacher  Xuecao Chen, Deputy General Manager, accompanied the reception.

Deputy District Mayor Jian Ling  and his entourage listened to teacher Guiyang Zhou’s introduction of Shangyu Xinhecheng’s overall situation at the Special Materials Automatic Control Center, and reported on the planning and layout of Xinhecheng’s new material industry chain and current production and operation conditions, and introduced them in detail. Digital and intelligent aspects of the workshop site.

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